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New Hinsons - Soul Fillin Station Lyrics

(verse 1)
You can always find a steeple
And a few religious people
With a preacher on the front steps shakin everybody's hand
Sign shaped like a bible
Saying summer revival
While there's a million dead churches just takin up an acre of land

What we need is a soul fillin station
Full service twenty-four hours a day
Just a pumpin that high octane super salvation
Where a heart out of gas
Can fill up for that fast get away

(verse 2)
You can have the greatest choir
Dressed in all your long white robe attire
And a wall full of trophies
Showin off that softball team
But if the people aren't for prayin
Lord then that's how many stayin
Cause there ain't no one goin up on no watered down gasoline
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