Ace Hood - Adorn Lyrics

Oh yeah!
It's like 2:30 in the morning
It's like my joint right here!
Ace Hood! Hey baby, hey baby
Your body I can't wait to penetrate it
Hate talking, I just rather demonstrate it
Temptation is higher than me fade it
I'm just trying to own that pussy, not renovate it
Loving when you're naked, debating, know how to take it
Moving to the driving the nick crazy
Hey, it's driving the nick crazy
I adorn you, I should forward warn you
Type of dick, make you forget the shit you're going through
Do it with my chains on, how a thug do
I'm probably in my Louis Vuittons with your strings loose
Throw it on the wall, neighbors know my name, too
Pussy, good girl, I eat it like I ride through
Ha, ha, I'm just being honest
Most niggas.. some vagina
They pussy, tell them keep looking
Well, I'll be in your whole, I hit it like Keith Brooking
You gonna keep pushing, that clitoris keep pushing
Gimmie that straight right there, I left for shooking
Bet the next morning I'm hollering what's cooking
Huh, now for real, what's cooking?
Cheese, eggs, butter grits and a bad bitch
That Versaci on the.. make her come quick
Boy shorts on her, you should see that ass sit
Phone ringing, fuck 'em birds, no mike..
Keep it real baby girl, I just want to
..gotta paint the ocean blue
Million dollar crib, you should see the water view
Me and you, I'm trying to show you what I never knew
Do it better in the... yeah, I doubt it too
Incredible, huh, I adorn you!

You just gotta let my love, let my love, let my love adorn you!
I let, let it fresh it up
You got love, you love, you got a love that I adorn you
Just that, babe!
oh, oh, let my love adorn you, babe
Don't let me, don't you let no one tell you different
Always adorn you
You gotta know, you gotta know, know, know
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