Lil Durk - 52 Bars Lyrics

Fuck on
30 30’s with 30’s, 30 niggas we dirty
I got my shooters they shooting
We show them niggas no mercy
From the pot to the block, from the block to the lot
I gotta duck from the ops, they be too cool with the cops
See my life like a movie, I call it case for the tully
The judge giving out 10, I ain’t scared I do it
So if a nigga run upon me, I react with a uzi
Iif a nigga run upon me, I react with a uzi
Son needed his daddy, I still need him right now
He doing life in the fed, need that appeal right now
I catch a body I’m gone, I’m dipping right out of town
I see the scout who told is getting peeled right now
L’s up to my back, blood, sweat and some tears
Death jam they send me, complete by kid as a dream
Got locked up to my cellie, he thinking life was a gift
Tell him while I’m on tv, MTV I’m the shit
I hit the stain on some bricks, I can’t look back on my hit
I can’t look back on these bricks, I guess disease’s direct
One did it and spread, wb 64, all that riding is dead
I’m putting 9 to his head,
Lil rocks that’s for attempt, lawyer money I got em
If he can’t hold that weight, he best believe I’ma spot em
I can’t sit in the street, hell yeah my real niggas riding
All black like I’m bruce, so who you think that was robbing
And they drive my advance, I’am cop me up 6, I’ma carry a fans
And I’ma cop me a benz
I got timeys and max, 40 cal glock 10’s
Mama told me you will make it, but you can’t make it in
I’ma trap it to rock it, real niggas from ...
Same people was fans, they use to say in the factor
I’m on top of the city, so them rumors ain’t matter
8 balls the size of baseballs in the field, I’m a batter
A nigga try to kill me dead, I ... bring me in
Like the covers set me nah, the niggas won’t win again
The judge told me eye of eye, pt riding on ...
He caught with another slammer, they say they first offered 10
I can’t change up like a pin, I want head just like a penny
You won’t catch me in the tellie, catch me in back of the Bentley
Niggas know I’m ...shit, niggas know we killing shit
I don’t really give a fuck, all my niggas we be in it
We be 30 deep, it’s 30 of us pulled up
Taking risk that I hope to see my baby growing up
Russian roulette in these streets, life is all about luck
Pussy money we love you, to trust with a nigga lust
I’m up, I’m packing like a green bay packer
All white challenger, saltine cracker
Free all of my niggas doing morning 3 calendars
Pierce...smack me up cause ...
Case snitch, ain’t a bone in my body say bitch
I can’t switch
Half the shooters ain’t shooting, they faking
I’m savage, my teacher always told me I ain’t average
They say lil durk he is shoot, I remind them of them mavericks,
Let’s get it!
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