Chief Keef - Cuz My Gear Lyrics

Diamonds dancing on my fist look like a blank disc
Teriyaki suit with the lemon Phantom
Heavy weight, heartburn: Mylanta
Adversaries call me on my Blackberry
Now I'm in the laundry mat: Darryl Strawberry
On my cell phone, now I'm on my iPhone
She thought it was a cat phone
Now I'm on my bat phone
Hanging fangs down like a vampire ("Twilight!")
Sapphires dancing on my hand like a campfire ("Dancing!")
Camp counselor, living in the life of luxe
Double cheese deluxe in the penguin tux


[Chief Keef]
That bitch want me cause she know I keep it real ("3 Hunna")
Say she don't like a nigga that's gon squeel (nah!)
Well listen baby, I'mma keep it real (3Hunna!)
You know you ain't got shit coming here (Nah!)
Butter blunt of kush in the air
And I won't feed you lies to your ears
Cause niggas better calm down before they hear
A lot of gun sounds in the air ("bang bang!")
I won't wife her keep it pimpin over here
Gucci shirts, we ain't simple over here ("Gucci!")
Fuck nigga mad cause his bitch jockin
And I be flexin up the Maseratis, flex!

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