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Snow Tha Product - Cookie Cutter B*tches Lyrics

Look, pockets looking cakey like these gummy bitches
Make up that room service bitch the ...request it, lick it
Wake up, all I see is paper, like my secretary staples
So if this was your job, then Iím thinking you about to get a pay cut
This is my lane, fuck row range, fuck your ...
I swear they wanna puff these pretty young thang like a stright love
Cause Iím cute and I be killing game since back when it was...
I be repping texas, but Iím so cali like a, like a
Yeah Iím kinda cocky when it come to what Iím made off
Cause we, we ainít the same and they donít want you from the waist up
You the cookie cutter type and they call me the baker
And all I see is numbers, numbers, numbers like a pager
I kill em and collect em, watch me murder glass cases
Swear you got the kill where the fuck Iím coming from like a phaser
Cause if she fuck with me then I give in the ...save her
These bitches thinking they beefing, fuck around and get fed, land up, bitch

[Hook] x 2
Lookin, lookin, lookin, I donít see no difference
Cookie, cookie, cookie, all these cookie cutter bitches
Fuck these bitches, all they be cutter bitches

Look, you were just a small fry, but I turn you to mashed potatoes
Iím here to bring the flavor, just like a turkey, based up
I could be the finisher, but Iíll make you meet your maker
So if you still sleeping Iíma waking baking, shaking
See I be repping real women so bitches see me fake up
Now they be tripping on me but like angy k say, Iím laced up
Cause my style is permanent and these bitches drive the eraser
And all you april fools Iíll kill you all before I came up
Yeah I know gorilla warfare if you wanna ape up
All these chicks be thinking that they beast will watch me tame up
Greeting earthlings, high, Iím so ... cause Iím out of this world
If illegal alien is way up,
Iím ahead of my time but I like competing so I been waiting
Then I turn the lights on these roach bitches and I raid them
Bitch on me royalties for jacking lyrics so pay up
Cause most of you bitches ainít rapping knowing about me
And wishing that I never came up

[Hook] x 2