Willy Mason - I Got Gold Lyrics

I havenít got a pick up truck
To take me into town
I donít have the ways and means
Tolay my money down
Lay it down
But I got gold, underneath the ground

Rise me up before the sun lays the bad boys down
Iíll go out into the yardkick my feet around
Iíll kick em around
Cause I got gold, underneath the ground

Bill collectors ring my phone
Keep me on the run
But they donít know the ways Iíve got
The ways of having fun
I have fun,
Iíve got gold, underneath the ground

Do a jig, above the twigs, spend yourself around
Dig down over ... were all they found
All they found
Digging gold, underneath the ground
Spending gold, underneath the ground
Iíve got gold, underneath the ground.
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