Young Dolph - LeBron Lyrics

Ballin hard on these niggas walkin bitches for fun,
you're doing this since I was young you can call me LeBron
I don't know bout bimber are we smoking, DJ I'm strong,
I put your baby mami bout your son's of LeBron
F*cking hard on these niggas, f*cking bitches for fun,
bitch doing this since I was young,
you can call me LeBron,
my nigga I f*ck your baby mama bout your sons so LeBron
trend sound in this game, you can call me LeBron.

I ain't passing shit on shooting erythang
pull up on me with the bullshit, watch our let it ring
diamonds rapped around my wrist like I just want a championship
but I remember way back in the day when my teacher told me that I was never gonna be a shit
but but look at me now, check me out, I'm the shit
too much to fit ..

I see a hundred million in my horoscope
I like bad bitches, I hate balling hard.

Slamming need bitches like Lebron,
Sky walking OG in my long,
I touch her bitch that she come
I invite the bitch over let the heat weed
hit her from the back now think she sprun
then each day I hit to put the bitch out to make that bitch go hard


'Cause now millie getting thirty rounds,
in the trunk got thirty pounds,
and all over loud, y'all still smoking loud,
a couple of my niggas locked up, a couple of my niggas on the run
the new young nigga in the city now run shit like LeBron,
everything I got confront the screen so sound memphi
if you ain't from over here, don't get call over here sleeping
..hating on me 'cause the streets love me like LeBron,
wasting me and my dolls tang, gotta make it and call me Lebron

Call me LeBron, I'm a superstar,
blowing loud blunts in my supercharge,
my championship diamonds look like ice water,
I go hard with my whole team go harder.

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