Chris Echols - Dont Judge Me Lyrics

I don't wanna go there
But I gotta go there
I donít wanna go there
I guess I gotta go there

Hi, my name is Chris and Iím so misunderstood
In Ďbout 4 minutes Iímma let you know whatís good
Yeah, Iím from Blytheville, wouldnít change it if I could
Iím from Blytheville where they wish a nigga would
And life is crazy so I pray real hard
I tell my daddy Iímma make it so far
We ainít talked much since I quit school
My sister saying he really miss me playing ball
But Iím like fuck that, pops please, hear me out
Iímma do it big, Iímma buy you that new house
Iíve been working hard for the day you quit your job
And you hanging with your friends, be the one you brag about
Want to make you proud, pops, Iím just another you
Sugar rated DJ, you had this dream, too
I smoke a little weed, try to smoke away the tears
In the past couple years Iíve been really going through
But I still smile like you still while
Think about the night T got shot down
Bullet in his head, people running wild
Iím looking in his eyes while heís shaking on the ground
Just know Iím still repping, everybody miss you
Chloe got your jersey on, Precious wanna kiss you
Scar on my forehead, Iíll never forget you
Me and CB couldíve died, we was in the car with you
Iíve been thinking about a lot of shit
So I couldnít care less about a bitch
A lot of people thatís depending on me
Sacrifice my life and I wonít stop until we are rich
I was dead broke, D took me in
Thatís my motherfucking nigga, where do I begin?
He believed in my dream, he was all in
30 grand every month, we was balling
Remember drunk nights, talking
Said you would lay down, do you time if it fall in
You made me promise hold it down if it all end
And D Iím right here holding it down while you doing time
Tryina make good on my promise, I wonít chase the loo
Me and Ö we doing what we gotta do
A1 in the time and look at where it brought us to
I had a dream, me and Duty riding in a coupe
Not a dream, thatís a vision, we gonna do that shit
Free my nigga Shay, let him see his kids
Then weíll hold it down, A1 in this bitch
A lot of niggas hate but never saying shit
And these hoes, they hate me Ďcause I donít love Ďem
Not because I donít want to but probably Ďcause I donít trust Ďem
Went through shit in my childhood that really got me like ďfuck ĎemĒ
But if I ever get married I promise you Iímma love her
Promise you Iímma love her and Iímma take care of my kids
Wanna look back on life and say ďlook what your daddy didĒ
Never give up on dreams, I promise you they exist
And always remember God, I promise you wonít miss
Yeah, Iíve been thinking about a lot of shit
Still with the niggas that I started with
Young niggas got their choppers going ďbang, bang!Ē
Be above, we still gonna get momma up out that bitch
Karen, Karen, you gave birth to a superstar
When you and daddy separated, yeah, it left a scar
Then understand it now, Iím grown, I know that life get hard
Canít wait to buy you a new house, a ribbon on your car
And rumors spreading so she call and ask about my brother
Like ďChris, whatís going on? Do you boys still love each other?Ē
And Iím like ďMomma, if heís grown, let him do his thingĒ
But he still my brother, still killing motherfuckers
If it go down momma know Iím speeding
Promise Iímma get there, donít care the fucking reason
No matter what he repped, just know this love is never leaving
Yes, I am my brotherís keeper, thatís the shit I still believe in
Thatís the shit that I believe in
She says she love me but she creeping
She had a past when I met her, though
I donít know what the fuck I was thinking
Rumors about me as always
Pictures all of what Iíve done