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Ronald Isley - My Favorite Thing Lyrics

(feat. KEM)

My baby wonít talk to me
She giving me the third degree
And peace to show not disturb,
I know Iím just giving on the nerve
Sheís the only one I need
We were truly meant to be
Canít nobody keep it real like my girl
Nobody in the while wide world.

Come home to me, girl
I need you
I know itís hard to see , no no no, yeah
Your love will always be my favorite babe.

So if you meet her on Facebook tweetie
My baby is only one I fix it,
She canít give it up for so long
Got a brother way .. the phone
And I love her like a sweep ..
Her forever put a twinkle in mine,
Cold blood but I canít get enough,
Uh I love that girl so much.

Come home to me, come on home girl
I need you, oh I need youI know itís hard to see,
(I know, I know, I know, I know)
Girl your love will always be, always baby

Her mama is my favorite thing
She the kind of girl that make you hot sand
Like I found my love she canít stand
I know a body like the back of my hands
So know Iím a strength the way downside,
In the power of the love make you feel so good.

There goes my baby girl
She is my favorite fan
There goes my whole world
I love her always, my favorite thing.
My favorite thing, oh why
My favorite thing
Sheís my whole world
Y favorite thing
My favorite thing yeah
My favorite thing girl.
Ra la ra ra ra, la ra ra ra
My babe, you know sheís my favorite babe,
My favorite babe,
My favorite babe
My my my my my my my
Favourite thing.
My favourite thing.