Teen Beach Movie - Meant To Be Lyrics

I believe we all have a soul mate
the chance for a perfect duet
i believe in hopeless devotion
i just haven`t found her yet
but in my mind i see the chick who is meant for me
She’ll be someone who is lovely
Someone wonderful and true

The kind of boy
Who makes you smile
Even when you’re feeling blue

Lela and Tanner:
And I know, I know she’s out there
Most definitely
Oh yeah
Not a phony, or a fake
Sweeter than a chocolate shake
My meant to be
When it's meant to be
you go kind of crazy
Meant to be
You forget your name
When it’s meant to be
It’s destiny callin’
And nothing ever will be the same!
Oh yeah!
You need a girl how's into music to fly
up high on Cupid's wings

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