Tink - Kilo Lyrics

Kilo kilo kilo kilo
Zero zero zero zero, yo
Hero hero hero hero
Kilo kilo kilo kilo

2 x Hook:
My name hoe, weigh like a kilo, young nigga a zero,
Self made bitch I don’t need for f*cking hero,
I got bank roll, roll, verses put me on on,
Now I’ma blow this money tell us hoe.

I’m sitting presidential and I know they hate it,
President think about it, I ain’t even made it
Yeah I making rap, I’m doing features,
These rappers when they teach us,
Teach em lessons like they teachers
I’m like three text in reckon on my forth
I wonder does it know me when I ..
You go and get your money like it’s pay day,
These .. and it’s okay,
So taking em, hit and run, break them bread, we hit the crown,
Hit the blunt and I tose it, them thorn hoes and they cuffins
Break the deal with my loud pack, need the money noise than a soundtrack,
I got more toys than a .., playin games gotta get your clap,
Clap it up in my season, pack us all then ..
F*ck them niggas keep dancin’, believe in mom and then crazy
Doing 90 and then .. fingers, east side
We bitches gonna touch that but a real bitch gonna ..

2 x Hook:
My name hoe, weigh like a kilo, young nigga a zero,
Self made bitch I don’t need for f*cking hero,
I got bank roll, roll, verses put me on on,
I’ma blow this money tell us hoe.

My name hoe, weight like a kilo, plus I got the kilos
Money shit like nino, my plug name Carlito
I’ve been out of town get sinos, please don’t tell my PO
My niggas high in this streets so, so that strap go where we go
Ball had like the roll, this rap shit like free throws,
Cut save me three blows, this sound like a police though
I’m .. I ain’t teen roll, your boyfriend a zero,
I’m rollin on for heroes, your baby mama she deep throat,
I’m all about them figures round around with my niggas,
I only f*ck with them killers and a couple dope dealers,
Pockets fill them bank rolls, hundred thousand came for,
Baby got that straight drop, this ass around but they know,
I’m feelin like the shit, this verses get me rich,
And I don’t f*ck with no squares, unless you’re talking bout bricks
I’ve been going hard no time mall, these lil niggas they rhyme ..
And pay with me I let the nine.. looking the homicide they let off.

[2 x Hook:]

Yeah my name whole weigh, does it my ..
Yell them niggas that surround it bout them ..i ain’t tose it
If I can get em my squad can kilo,
It’s all me and my pimp slow, I wake up about twelve bricks,
about twelve .. and I got three more, nigga three go
baby call Carlito, them things calling them things going your man hoe Mandino
ask about me vecino, learn hoe never kilo, ..bitch I’m divo
running wear lights about ..
now I got the .. stacking me, oh know nothing, don’t talk to me,
I’ll be all around blowin Q P’s bout two jeans and a .. with me,
So you run up you get gunned up, and the pretty gone to the sun up
And your bitch f*ck me she didn’t locked up, but she didn’t s*ck me you should can’t f*ck
‘cause she one of a kind, look me .. with your Gucci shoe that ain’t f*cking with mad,
Who is me is Scooby Doo just looking new, get the f*ck u the nap,
Busted this fowl, hundred stacks for the rolex I’m a s*ck ..
Niggas mad like why you never coming f*ck with us ‘cause I’m f*ck on the grind

[2 x Hook:]
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