ransom - Man Alone Lyrics

The vinyl tales of a visionary headed for a cemetery
With grand delusions and visions of being legendary
34 years all I did was poor beers
Scream about warfare now Iím in the crosses
Iím kinda lost here the more fame the more bitches
The more fear Ií talking like you walk here
Letís make this all clear it ainít all musical
Iím talking bout my future you telling me what I used to do
Thereís no gimmicks no shine torn listen to it
You gotta be in some sort of pain just to listen to him
They say they game then chewed him and spit him out
Hereís a couple things that you niggers ainít figured out
You know a nigger better than random you pick him out
Cause it had taken a couple of niggers to get him out
And yeah I know thereís some people thatís still in doubt
They wanna hear them song and listen then hearíem out
But how many niggers is better whatís to your mouth
You know I got this work when these niggers is in the drill
I keep getting this feeling that Iíll be in power soon
A rose in the concrete is just how this flower bloom
Visions of a black ghost playing the loudest tune
But instead I stand alone in the midst of a crowded room
They say youíre blessed to be living that soda speaker
Donít agree I think that thatís just a given thatís only me
Iím so discreet when it comes to my movements I know the street
If you wake up with no money then why would you go to sleep?
I keep doing the same old shit with the same results
So used to conversations with niggers who ainít adults
I cutíem full of niggers who called like they came to help
They ainít themselves so I stay on point like Iím Ryman Phull
Go ahead and ask me how does it feel to see all my Pearson pass me
Bucking never or class me
Donít get it all mis...there is no hate involved
Everybodyís balling out but whoís the one to take the charge
Before Nicki was wearing those crazy wigs
I was doing verses for her just hoping she made it big
Told them nigger friends that I gotíem whatever needed
Sent a couple clues up the front and he got the leader
I guess he looks at me as the reason he got mistreated
But I am not a DJ my nigger best to believe it
Got a verse from Wayne before he was sounding all
Did a song with Ross before he was crowned as boss
They say Iím not New York I just live in the town across
I makeíem all convert like a Muslim who found across
Yeah thatís my story and yeah Iím sticking to it
I never thought that Iíd end up being the victim to it
I just wanted people to listen to it
I just wanted the people to listen to it