FUTURE - Honest Lyrics

Dark Marzal on me Iím just honest
Rock star my swag Iím just honest
Everything exotic Iím just honest
Gold all on my neck Iím just honest
Yeah, Iím just honest
We got the club on smash

Name another nigga hot I'm just honest
Gold bottles on bottles, Iím just honest
100,000 on watches Iím just honest
Coupes all on coupes, Iím just honest
I keep a gang of bad bitches with me too
And we ainít never going back to what we used to do
I was gon lie to you but I had to tell the truth
Iím just being honest

My piss coming back dirty, Iím just being honest
Got bitches kissing on bitches, Iím just being honest
Iím a rock star for life, Iím just being honest
Got a check on me right now, Iím just being honest
We done turnt up in Platinum, then we gon hit Onyx
Ain't nothing but a dope boy, Iím just being honest
These niggas get shot for being honest
I fucked her on the spot, I'm just being honest
I'ma stack it til it rot, I'm just being honest
And I'm driving foreign coupes, dash 200
Live a rich nigga life, Iím just being honest
Real street nigga ain't get nothing but pain from it


Got crack all in my draws, Iím just honest
My diamonds ain't got flaws, Iím just honest
These hoes on sight niggas, Iím just honest
We can ball all night nigga, Iím just honest
You fuck nigga ya'll don't even know struggle
You ain't even know why a nigga out here hustling
Got flat screens in the trap spot, I'm honest
Kept it real with all you niggas, I'm just too honest
Took some bitches out the strip club, I'm just honest
To the niggas all out in the hood, I'm just honest
Lil Mexico for life, I'm just honest
I came up shootin dice, Iím just honest