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Goodie Mob - State Of The Art (Radio Killa) Lyrics

What the fuck you know me for
Obstacle of holy war
I wonít get there radio killa
No filler, no filler
You playlist the dealer, dealer
Letís go in the chilling, chilling
Donít work on designer, signer
Iím streaming for visions, visions
Let death be your sentence, sentence

You think they know something
Then you might as well be dead
If you see us then we see us it wonít be code red
And I stay up the emergency itís time to break bad
Songs to be ignored like title one clap

Thereís very little money in your mind
We want yours
The ride always carry me
We need the possessing
I was blessed enough the class in
Go and crazy go dismissing
Verbal grasping rappers really
Got me fast and pulled the mission
If the masters of the 7
Using speakers as a weapon
Rapping we at war, MO
Say bro whatcha hesitating?
Come on man kill hat motherfucker
Ainít no secret keep it real
We do what the fuck we feel
Every road a righteous scale