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Ace Hood - Charlie Sloth Freestyle Lyrics

Ah! Word!
Word! Word! Word!

I just wanna live in God’s cubicle
Far away from Lucifer
Not a slave gold chain
Compliment the mauler much
Wanna see me crucify
Police are the crucifers
Chew this up and dig a ditch
Murders that ain’t new to us
Murders happen every day
Kids on they marry way
Dying before they have a name
Bullets they ain’t had a name

You not here to sing
Young brother who met a bully
Hard times tough luck
Sectioned bull stems
Jobs never hire us
I'm just tryna fulfill my wish list nah
There won’t be another stick ok
Ace hood in the palms yeah
Take a look into my eyes
And just tell me what you see
Tell me do you see a beast?
They wouldn’t let me off the leash
Wait 2 minutes then went to sleep
I spit fire third degree
They don’t wanna believe
On my mama they gonna see
I got the hottest flow when I'm honest
Fuck with me might as fool
More conscious no more kinds dope
Somebody let them blabbers know
Don’ wanna let these problems near
Every years is my time again
Underrated they contemplating on
They have conversations saying
Hurting people been hating on me
I’ll bet the caress new
I still ride in a Maybach
And they face me when I came through
My mama current and that other woman
Now tears are falling and I hate it
Next day I made me some changes
Man up gimme no complaining
But they at my youngest stages
No choice I had to make it
When I quit with repeating and I won’t consent
Who snitch, who no top and I made no same
Who broke and I made no sense
Yo chick blow me C4
Got it I got evil the wrongs
And it beside you only owe’em
You gonna need navy, you gonna need soldiers
Maybe your problem is WETHEBEScarrytheT
None of you fuckers don’t matter to me
Start to yo feet just start to depleat
Feed me rappers bon appetite
Bitch tripping I'm starting to speak
Care for the border no longer the peace
Time for the blind to be able to see
None of you fuckers ain’t nothing like me
25 years ain’t getting no sleep
26 inches on my G
Feeling like shackles on my feet
No day that they let me free
Y’all in trouble OMG
Y’all in trouble OMG
Y’all in trouble OMG
Please don’t pause nigger pray for me
Pease don’t pleat go pray for me
Yo back with the beat and I'm back on me
In the back of the G y’all looking for me
Capital A capital C capita E, H double O D
Off with they head
Say off with they head
I got my fuck with they head
Yeah my fuck a day and up in the same
I set on he got on the cleanest thing
I bought a chain and that bitch went for 100 grand
I see that bitch went for 100 grand
By you ran up on me I just may oblive your hand
It blow your…through the front door
Yeah I’m off in London with my fucking sloth
We in good they ain’t talking bro
I might just cop a new Ferrari
I sit balling on forever through
I whipped your friend out with another O
I'm trying not to go to curse
I take yo mama and I take her purse

Yeah, Charlie Sloth in the building
I swear that boy can make a killing
Every time these bitches see me man they be so willing
I swear to God they be so willing

I just landed in Paris
Yea yeah shout out to the players
Shout that out to friends yeah
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