Tink - Time Lyrics

I'm living the moment,
Tell me that you want it,
Boy come get up on it
'cause I know that you feel it,
Damn I know you mean it
Words were meant for speakin
Can't we talk on the week-ends ?
'cause lately I've been lonely,
Remember what chu told me,


If you just have the time,
Spend it here with me!
Dont worry bout your past,
Or my history,
'cause it don't even matter
When you're here with me.

I just want your time !
I don't think it's to much
To ask for more personal things,
If I get one hundred, then you gotta give me that too.
I just want your company, wondering if you want mine.
I'm not asking for much,

I just want your time!
Time, time, time, time, time
Time, time, time, time, time,

Think I need a minute,
It's been a while since we've kicked it,
Keep telling me you are with it,
So lets link, when you touch down,
Do you have time for love now?
Tell me tell me wishing it's somewhere
when I'm waiting, for you , for you.


I just want your time,
(You're thinking of me)
I just want your time.
(You're thinking of me)

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