BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN - Harry's place Lyrics

Downtown hipsters drinkin’ like the drugs
Down in the kitchen
Working in the cold mine
Got a special sin
Just you can’t quite confess
Messin’ a little problem
Baby need a new dress
Reason to make dime
Shine to hard
I’m a good handler with your problems in the back yard

When Harry speaks is Harry’s streets
And Harry’s house is Harry’s rules
You don’t want to be around,brother
When Harry ¬Ö
Harry’s car,Harry’s wife
Harry’s dogs and Harry’s town
Your blood on money is special
As her’s crown

Fuck with Harry’s money,you know
Fuck Harry’s rules
These are the rules,this is the world
Taste that one little weakness you allow yourself
Lookin’ for the key of that box you locked yourself
Just stay up to the line and be Harry’s friend

Sit in a corner,no light,no sign¬Ö
She opens the door and who the fuck you are?
Seeing someone dressed as a dragon,that’s nice
¬ÖA voice was prisoner in my head
We do what we must do

A man knows his name,if he didn’t exist
There all would go on just the same

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