Jennifer Nettles - Jealousy Lyrics

You moved so gracefully, nothing at all like me.
Give us a smile and wave, you always did know to kill 'em, baby.
I can't remember ever feeling this way,
A burning feeling rushing all through my veins.


What got in me is something more than envy.
I should be above it, I know, but I just can't let it go.
You might have heard it, I said you don't deserve him.
But don't take it personally cause it's just j-j-j-Jealousy, yeah.

Now I didn't really need to cause such an ugly scene.
Sure went off at your house, half drunk and crazy, bitch, I called you out,
Or at that party where I made such a mess
And poured my whiskey down the back of your dress.


K-k-killing me, all my jealousy

I stop clowning all that make-up you wear,
I won't tell anyone you bought a new pair.
I'll even tolerate your skanky fake hair
cause we both know you win, honey you got him.

K-k-killing me, all this jealousy

You can have him, you can have him,
You can have him.
I'm looking for something in green,
I think you know what I mean
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