Ace Hood - Buss Guns Lyrics

ft. Mavado

I’m with da million dollar crew
My guns and my bitches stuntin too
I’m a gangsta fo life
Be a killer still payin
I buss my guns fo life
I buss my guns fo life
I buss my guns fo life
I buss my guns fo life

Glock 4-5 on the waistline, you can make a move when you want to
Can’t gun in my park, in this city homeboy cus a nigga don’t know you
Keep thinking I’m playing, he thinking I’m playing, they thinking I’m playing
Trying to set a new set, a whole lot of people been popping up dead
Rule number one, we don’t do the police, never talk to the feds
We ain't gully riding in a Benz, 2 G’s with they hair full of dreads
Watch them niggers, I don’t like them niggers, I don’t trust them niggers
Got on all my jewelry, in the hood playboy, what the fuck wrong wit him?
On my mama I don’t really get sleep because a young nigger paranoid
Extendo clips on a gun, motherfucker never travel on steroids
Half a million dollars’ worth of whips, young nigga I can show you how to motivate
Ever fucked a bad bitch on a bed full of hunnits? I can show you how to meditate


Doing bout 100 on the highway, I don’t give a fuck about the po-po
I don’t sell dope but I know a chico who did it for the lolo
Police asking me questions, thinking I’mma talk, that’s a nono
He a never know I got 4,5 bricks, all stashed in the 4 do
I’m feeling myself getting money every day like a young nigger supposed to
Can’t walk in my shoes, take a look in my eyes, you don’t know what I've been through
And free my niggers in the state Peniten, every day that’s on lockdown
Never gon catch me slip because you know I’m best friends with the tre pound
Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang man you’d think Chief Keef in this motherfucker
And every homeboy around me, man you know I love that nigger like a blood brother
Diff you bitch, down to the gully
Got love in the hood, respect my nigger, can’t take that from me

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