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Ace Hood - R.N.S (Real Nigga Shit) Lyrics

Ain’t this that shit?
Ain’t this that shit?


Ain’t this that shit that we gon'ride to?
Ain’t this that shit that we get high to?
Ain’t this that shit that make you vibe nigger?
Pull out yo stick and wanna slide nigger
I like to call this some real nigger shit
A real nigger on some real nigger shit
A lot of hoes on a real nigger dick
And money never make a real nigger switch

I say I can’t stand no bitch nigger
That goes for you snitch niggers
Can’t do no broke boys because everybody with me they go getters
Say money over these lame hoes, y'all niggers be cuffing dough
Met the bitch in that same night, I’mma knock down like dominoes
I say oh Lord I’m saving
Fuck y'all, just pay me
Big bees in my whip, catch a young nigger move saney
I be riding round with 2 ladies
Pussy nigger you basic
My nigga P keep a strap-on
He'll fuck around and start spraying
Nigger don’t play me

All I’m talking is real nigger shit
Come and fuck and suck a real nigger dick
All these hoes want a real nigger rich


I ride for my brother, I’d die for my brother
I’d kill for my mother in case you ain’t know
Shoot out 100 then fucking reload it
I lift up yo spirit like you been promoted
I’m wit it, running my city
Chasing that money, I get it get it
Came to the ratchet, my bitches said Diddy
I want it, I cop it, you watch what you spending
Niggers be pounding like I’m pron, tell these hoes to please keep calm
If I die today I’m good
Hope this real shit can live on
Ain’t no ho shit in my blood, know my family is my love
Peace my homeboys and my thugs
Still with the same folk from day one

Boy that’s real nigger shit
I’m just trying get my whole team rich
In a Phantom blowing kush behind the tint
Bumping Boosie Boo, that badass hit


Say what you wanna, do what you wanna
I get upset, they attack like piranhas
I don’t even like not one of you niggers
Bitch ain’t thick, can’t even fuck wit er
Yea we them niggers with the 20 gold bottle
VIP sec, she put 25 models
Pulled up, yep that’s us in the foreign
Huh, y'all life so boring
Uh, I made a mill off touring
Crib in the hills like motherfucking Lauren
Rest don’t chill but just can’t ignore
And that pussy so good, I explore like Dora
Smoke one, for the ones lost
RIP to every real nigger we once saw, damn
Where the real niggers went?
Free Boosie
Free Fat Boy
Real shit
They gon lose they motherfucking in the hood when they hear this
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