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Ace Hood - Boyz N Da Hood Lyrics


Don’t ruin yo life, don’t ruin yo life
Livin in this cold world, niggers dying by the night
Everyday another struggle, we just gotta keep fighting
Lil' nigger, lil' nigger

Hundred round chopper on the backseat
Catch a nigga slipping on the back street
Big fire loaded and it’s ready
Homies get it running like a track meet
Young nigger trying to catch a body
He don’t even know what he started
He don’t give a fuck about nothing
Trapping every day to Yo Gati, fuck it!
Horny 15 and they fucking
Projects livin with his cousin
Mama on drugs and his daddy don’t care
Got a dirty Glock boom, he a bust it
And them lil' niggers selling trees
Steady he enlist with the fiends
Never follow rules and he barely go to school
Drug test him and he wasn’t even clean
Lil nigger, lil' nigger


All a young nigger know is murder
Always know he’s standing on the corner
Big hommie giving in the game
Started with a ounce and a burner
Fuck nigger running round lurking
Extend in the clip so 30
Creeping real slow in a reaper
See a nigger peeping through the curtain
Hold up, lil' nigger fucking up his life
He just wanna earn some stripes
Send him out shooting at another motherfucker
When he see him man he says on sight, damn
He don’t really playing for the set
He’d do anything for a check
It’s only two ways he gon'end up going
Either prison or he’s fucking round dead
Lil' nigger, lil' nigger


4-5 niggers in a rental
Duck boy, tints on the window
Catch a few niggers at the corner store chilling and they Plotting on how they gon kill em, man
Lil' nigger wit em like fuck it
Roll up on them niggers, start jumping
Before they even know it everybody hit the ground
Goddamn it’s like they seen this shit coming
Woa! Smash on the gas, nigger hurry
Heart beating fast, niggers worried
Never leave evidence, never leave fingerprints on a car these niggers so dirty
Black car caught them at a light
They ain’t even know it
6 masked goonies and the clips on fully
Hot dog and they starting unloading

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