K. Michelle - Baby Momma Lyrics

You can pop a baby out
But that don't keep no man
He in the NBA
That's your financial plan
You're basic
I just think that you should know
He love them kids
But you gotta go

Oh now you're mad
Poppin' off and shit
Screaming through the phone
I ain't gon' let you see ya kids
You a

Baby mama
Baby mama
Baby mama
Baby mama
Always with some drama
Just cause he don't want ya
You A
Baby Mama
Baby Mama

Girl while you hating
Ima be a great role model to ya kids
Cause you ain't doing shit
And they need to see what a real women is
You got your bills paid
But where your job at
Red bottoms on
But ya baby hair ain't combed
I can't respect no women
Using babies for a check
Keeping your kids on instagram
Girl you look a mess



I'll never understand
Why women think that they can trap a man
He ain't gon' wife you
Cause he gon' one night you
Cause that's just what they do
He don't want you

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