K. Michelle - Rated R Lyrics

There was a girl in a long long time ago
In a kingdom
She loved a man, that man loved a girl
And that girl's name was summer
And that bloody bitch
She stole his heart
And had him thinking that all was good
When really she was just a lil’ bit useless
So the girl, what she did was
She watched and watched the real story
And later realized that this man was a lil’ off himself
And that Summer was nothing more than disguise for his sick fucking ways
So, no matter what the world thought of him, the king
The person that she trusted the most, he lied to her
Tore her down, an made her feel like nothing
When all she ever was to him was his best friend
And fought battles for him
That nobody else would fight
That girl still remained loyal
Or did she?
Fuck you and Summer!
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