Bizzy Bone - Outro Lyrics

I’m pickin’ on something
I’m pickin’ on something
Pickin’ on something

…I’m thinkin’ on being the greatest
I quick think to get to these things
I keep my head down the sack
In my mind I can’t keep on crying
I still miss my uncle Charles
Push it ,I ain’t buying it
UFOs are real things
To stop me from doing things
Aliens are on the camera
¬Öevaporation,no Spanish
We don’t take the credits
If you think my human race just can’t handle this
So you talk,talk while you’re young
Then you hear your clock tickin’
That’s cause I feel you all

In the hood,up to no good
Sleepin’ on something
Sleepin’ on something
Sleepin’ on something
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