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Ace Hood - No More Mr. Nice Guy Lyrics

No more Mr. Nice Guy, fo' now I won't let any shit slide
You ain't with the clique, wasn't with me from the get
Now these niggas wanna get rock... fuck it! No more Mr. Nice Guy
Hater on a diss, you are the that guy(?)
Fuck it! No more Mr. Nice Guy

You're lookin' at a lion in a dog fight
Shooters knock the pole bout yo night life
Nigga, I'm the illest, that's some real life
Ya betta chill, don't be gassed by the crown height
I can send a shot to make a mac right
I suggest you go and get an airloft
Know I got the heat like I'm packed right
Beast through the south with a hat like a rabbi
Nigga, I ain't impressed, nigga, I ain't even flex
I ain't mentioned in yo top five, this the day that they regret it
Fuck em! Ballin' like a ruckus, shout my nigga P, young blood, they in trouble
They ain't know my level, big stones and a bezel, I'm the ruler with the flows
Niggas can't even measure, whachya sayn, nigga?!
I don't play games on the playground
I just go to bussin' like a Greyhound
Ain't the type of guy to grab away frowns
Speakin' on the ______(?) from the one that grab the weight down
Who the fuck are these niggas!? Who the fuck are these niggas!?
I'm kinda sick in the head, that's HIV, who the muthafuckin' illest?
I am!


(Verse 2)
Fuck niggas round, I expose 'em
I am the one who is chosen
Fuck yo devotion, I make 'em stairwell commotion
I make 'em lock in and focus
Bitch, I'm a pro'lem, way too much chains on my collar
Hoes come in sit fo' a dolla
She just keep suckin', head is so good she a scholar
Rollie on prezie, Obama
I am a stonner, pockets on Rosie O'Donnell
Loyalty just what I honor!
Out for the commas, rap niggas don't want no drama
Just know I'm mad, I'm Yolanda
Ain't no more chillin', I got more bars than a prison
I'm more on point with precision
Aim at you fitted
Dope has the coke in the kitchen
Ego too big for the business
I'm disrespectful! That's just the thing I intended
Testing, I don't recommend it
Stay on my pivot, my name I dare you to mention
Flow is go fuckin' tremendous
Illin'! Y'all betta warn everybody
Homie, I'm Vince Lombardi
Fuck ya gon' tease to a coast nigga?!
Tritonix! Pussy!

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