BIG SEAN - Research Lyrics

feat. Ariana Grande

These hoers been doin’ research
I swear
She like this piece of hair of in the sink ain’t come from me
I swear,

The way you stressing got me blowing in door, out door
Every time you intro that my clue to outro
And I know all my niggas call you crazy
You just misunderstood, go throw all the evil and lay your ass
And I can still see you good dog
But won’t lucking myself like you was a cop
Decode on my females, G males and boxes got me P on
You saw my emails with CC when you wasn’t CC
I’m on my way to have one as my baby
I need you to meet me
You talking but I have the key on her
Then I got my first European and you took that key in UK
What type of shit do we beat blowing up
T & T and hella drama, TMZ
Bitch you leaving and then she say shit like

Hey! Hey! Hey! Lay next to me tonight, night, night, night
You text me all the time, time, time, time
See, I know you like, I can take like the last time
Do you remember? X 3
When we had to hide, hide, hide, hide,


Ain’t no wrong to got ‘em long just like you ______(?)
I swear
Man these hoers been doin’ research
Watch all these hoers been doin’ research
Ok I know you do some research
But damn I did too
I saw you wear treks train like you was part of his crue
I saw you chilling with the miller back in the summer jam uuh
I hold my eyes the one has lie to me, girl not you
I know we all got a past but the shit that I can’t past is seen you at the Soho house
I know you can’t afford that tap
And now runni’ to Chris Brown
And he laugh cuz he know what you know
And now do it, make me feel like I don’t know your ass

(Bridge + Hook x 2)
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