Tinashe - Worth It Lyrics

Feat. Iamsu!

(Verse: Tinashe)
Ordinary Monday, lunch with Alicia,
That’s when I seen you
Post it up like a young pocket near you
Black, black bean ya
Being hoping on ravel, see ya
I don’t wanna talk but he’s on the street do only one, one thing
Said you ain’t gonna believe I got here for too long
He make his money but boy just don’t did me wrong

(Hook: Tinashe)
And this gonna be all to convince me
That you can really do what you promise me
If you met a change will be perfect
I’m addicted of chains; I’ll let you be my man
Cuz I’ll be here, you worth it, you worth it,
You make it all worth it babe
You make it all worth it babe

You worth it x 2
You make it all worth it babe x 2
[Be the best x 3
Be the best, from in rest] x 2

(Verse: Tinashe)
3 years later getting comfy, and you cheat all the best
We get and share, all it happens on the weekends
You still lay out to me and way to care
Now we fight every day, we fight every day
In the back of my mind, I’m like letting go
Then you have a smile, let me suck it for a timbo
No I ain’t got the time for the stressin’ in my life
Been berry all this money, boy you only live one time

(Hook: Tinashe)

(Verse: Iamsu!)
Slide on the side of you
Make some time for you
Ride for you, grind for you
I be lying to you
We the best, send a text tell your ex
Say it's done, I'm the one, he a mess
Want some sex, make you come round my neck
Back sit, couch, bed, triple treat
Windows down, I’m playing this
All I can make it’s hits I can’t less
Come and thick it with me, we can shot down town
Plus it’s for season piece when we lay it down
Shit I might just what you need my friend
You play around but it’s just me in the end

You worth it x 2
You make it all worth it babe x 2
[Be the best x 3
Be the best, in the rest] x 2

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