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Usher - All Falls Down Lyrics

Ft. Chris Brown

(Verse: Usher)
She built a bridge out of her own insecurities
No one was brave enough to cross except for me
Here I am
She built a castle from the pieces she took from me
I'm goin' crazy, I think she brought all the worst in me
Here I am

Guess the price was the fall if I get up
Cos' the strong will survive, that don't give up
Where she fell in luv, her heart is restin' down
6 feet underground

Oh, she feel stupid luvin' me fo' me (yeah)
And I'm the fool who falls to easily
We all fall down sometimes, we all fall down sometimes
So why can't I? (hey) So why can't I? (hey)

(Verse 2: Chris Brown)
U got to go I know the time waits fo' no man
Don't say ur words unspoken girl I ova stand
Here I am
Why do we meet? Some questions don't have an answer
2 out of 3 made me a believa, here I am...


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