Gallant - Open Up Lyrics

If I'm drownin' won't u take me to the waterfall?
Lay stones in front of those banks
And keep me undawater till I'm breathin'
Throw me in the fire till I'm frozen
Teach me till I don't know what I'm doin'

Why don't we open up sometime?
Sell me that gold in ur veins
I want ur fortress next to mine
Every nightmare on ur plate
Can I trust that u won't mind
My sanity slippin' away
Ooh baby, why don't we open up?

(Verse 2)
If you're thirsty, let me lead u to the Maranjab
Plant trees in spite of those rays
And leave u in the sun until you're soakin'
Throw u in the fire till you're frozen
Teach u till u don't know what u do


Lets be the last ones
Why don't we open up sumetime?
My sanity slippin' away


Why don't we open up?
Why don't we open up?
Why don't we open up?
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