Sigma - Glitterball Lyrics

feat. Ella Henderson

Standin’ here in the music hall
With my microphone and a glitterball
And you walked right in, blowin’ throw the doors
Like a force of nature, a force of nature

(Pre chorus)
I cannot go cuz my head's a mess
But you're beautiful
In the way you dress
I'm lost for words
And I'm powerless
Right from the beginnin’
You got me singin’

[Woah singin’ x 3
Oh, I'm so in love with you] x 2

I thought I lost you in the crowd
But I came out where you stand up
You're like the storm through the evenin’ rage
And bells are ringin’, you got me singin’


Baby I feel love
Do you feel love?
And I feel love
I won't cut ice for you, for you
Just won't, can see it's true, it's true
So tell me what to do, to do
Don't wait too long
(Pre chorus) + (Chorus)

[Baby I feel love
Do you feel love?] x 2
[And I feel love
Do you feel love?] x 2

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