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Michael Ray - Kiss You In The Morning Lyrics

Them jeans are faded in all the right places
Got me hangin’ on tight to the curves like little E races
Girl you funky little back beat has got me
Feel like I’m tipsy and I ain’t even had a drink

I wanna kiss you in the parkin’ line, under the moon light
Kiss you, runnin’ red lights
Baby set the mood right
Just like everything you’re doin’ to me right now
It’s makin’ me crazy
I wanna kiss you on the dance floor
Kiss you like let’s go, come on
Baby let me hear you say, ooh, ooh
I wanna kiss you with the neon light in your eyes glowin’
The I wanna kiss you in the morning
Yeah I wanna kiss you in the morning

Ooh you little outlaw
Stealin’ my heart and all
When you drop it down low, touch your toes girl
You know you just show it off
That little tattoo on the tan line
Pretty little butterfly, what else have you got to hide

(Chorus x 2)

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