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Cassidy - Let's Go Champ Lyrics

You feel x 3
Let’s go champ x 4
You feel x 2
Let’s go champ x 3

I come from a city where, nigga hustle around the block
Fuck around the shap
Dead body gets under line
Bodies, graperies hopin’ over the countin’ top
The barrel spinin’ in clack ways
Sell bricks, sell more fish than a flowty spot
Down the block you think it’s mine to take
You think the crime pay
Stay out of trouble, you better do what your mom say
Bu puts out own getter
I¬ím fuckin¬í nigags fiancé
I'm tryin' to eat, I need appetizer, entrée
And dessert, and I put in work that’s what I’m tryna say
Me goin’ broke when I rap in Granya
It's like hearing Ray J on next record from Kanye
It will never happen, what the fuck you niggas think about?
I’mma put it work til they bring the hurce in the Lincoln’s eye
I ain’t try to grow old, break it on this sticky coke
It’s like playin’ chess, before you move, you should thank it all
It’s better then be quit and be thought a fool
Then they use your mouth and remove all doubts
So shut your sticky mouth
And knows what’s the words of the Abraham Lincoln mouth
I grab a penny and put it right to the panted eyes
I drang about the fif, lowin’ pint, will be stackin’ on
A bitch gets all the risk soon as I stick my pinky on
Some boys say I ain’t nice no more
I say like : Who you like?
And that will lane with a nigga that I like for
I’m not shootin’ gun straight take a nigga life no more
I got street man, I try to get a better fight and score
In nights I’m ball and hit fast
I should go to clinic
I kill trap and snoop coop the fenny
And that’s real rap, I will snap like a photo finish
Strip like you in the gogo business
I’m with this fall and so you on photo genies
So she use a selfy stick while she suckin’ my dick, I’mma get this old business
I still rap, the balls retarded, flows are innless
I still crack that coke with some baked soda in it
I call it coka cola, the smoke is smoked up
I drink and cup the henny with coca cola and snuck the dudge
Don’t approached if you come close to us
Then the canes come up like coca cola and toaster buss
One of my soldier will chock it up and a rock bottle
And break it over your coca noel
I’m plan the corner post it up, so my pocket’s fat
And your pocket’s flat like a smoker back
Yeah you broke as fuck
First off, jurke off, you need to put the motion up
You need to go on work hard, work hard and work this out
Seein’ me go broke, it’s like see the Roches fuck
You can’t over dose weed but I think I smoke too much
You joke this broke, I ain’t roach this up
Drinkin’ alcohol, burnin’ like alcohol in a open cut
You smell like indo when I roll down the window
When the banz in my rams stick out
Jay Leano Jam
All broke nights, sellin’ coke white like Jay Leano skin
Cuz I’mma trahoolic, that’s what the trappers callin’
I stay rhymin’ and I’mm rapperhollic
You stay rhymin’ but the raps it’s gone
That’s why I’m backin’ on this
Never had righter’s back
I just block on a radars off and right above the block, is that right?
You should judge a rapper on weather if he could ride or nah
If he wrip a ball or not, peace of the _______(?)
You should judge a rapper on pies and nice enough
Fuck who got the nicer watch or the nicer cars
Man stop stunnin’, who got punches, the nieces balls
Yo until I die, I try to live this life that’s large
I’m nice on the mic, I’m rich cuttin’ that pipe as large
Yea I pipe you bro, I know this way you mad at me
Screw your bitch because you a bitch with different anatomy
I show you boom my dick, she said: you can’t dig all that on me
You try to dig all in my pussy, you can get all of me
The vibratin’ and I’m dapperly out of me
I had to sake it back like the bitch was takin’ all on me
Casady, you keep a chick lookin’ for you
Your ass ain’t tiney but you keep tip lookin’ for you
Who? The king of herself, that nigga that split?
Nah, they tip on my dick, now give ¬Ďem a kiss
Bitch, I took you from your boyfriend
That’s a _______(?)
I had fucked you in this, you nervin’ me
You want to murder me
But I just did brain surgery
On the ay eight the door slam right floored in me
Still got cash to blow, push keys casio
Got my first deal with that cane and that get half to go
Can’t do the main bets, hustle and pay depts.
Now it’s my time like the clock won’t flavor bang that
I wasn’t try to find love like flavor, flavor yet
My hotel ______(?)
I never felt unless I’m takin’ the drug text
Full of chopper with that stuck out and trap out
Beggin just like a addict
You pull a rock stack
Addict just like a faggy when nigga clocks out
I know them clowns like to blow it down
But crap suck it’s a hell out from the dick
I’mma ex cone, let me slow it down
You take it in the buck crack and suck a hell of the dick son
Anyone livin’ you could kill
Sirens won’t get longer then shut on
You could get kill

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