Chris Brown - Poppin (Remix) Lyrics

Ft. Meek Mill and French Montana

I'm standing at a table full of trappers
I pop a Perc and take off like it's NASA
My niggas, they don't rap, but look like rappers
Cause when we get that work, we flip it backwards, Lord

If ya ain't got no paper, ya ain't popping
If ya ain't got no paper, ya ain't popping it
If ya ain't got no paper, ya ain't popping
If ya don't got no paper, ya ain't popping it

(Verse: Chris Brown)
I met a bitch from uptown, I'm like, 'Whoa'
Patrón shots, a couple of rounds, she like, 'Whah
My niggas ain't fucking around, they gon' GO
Think I'm a spend a check on that pussy, I'm like, 'No'
I put yo bitch in a Phantom, that shit big as a planet
Got sum' bitches in Paris that speaking French like Montana
Got a bitch in the projects, she be holding her hammer
Landed in California, 'bout to go to Atlanta
To meet my bitch from Miami, she want beef on the table
I moonwalk in that pussy, she thinking Billie Jean
I got a TEC sitting on the step and that's on the set
Here I go, ring a nigga neck all about a cheque, yeah, I know



(Verse 2: French Montana)
Ya ran up on my set and tried to knock us
They heard I'm wit' the killers and the robbers
If I don't fire hammers and the choppers
I be riding till they free Wavie Crockett
Khaki sipping dirty at the house
My niggas, ya don't rap cause ya can't stop us
Blood, he popping me and J. Lo in the projects
Nigga, ya couldn't see us wit' binoculars
Hook game like coppers, brick squad like Flocka
Let the birds fly like it's falcons, ball like France wit' the waffles
This that vintage Chupa, drinking, twisting cigars
Mixing Criss in the dark, crying, gripping the odds
Hit my man up, I had to go
Bulletproof sprinter, I be riding like the Pope, Montana


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