Cold War Kids - Thunderhearts Lyrics

I was wag, I was not myself
Between believes and the others bells
I go part and close my eyes, freackin’ it to the drive

(Pre chorus)
Love find way x 2
I won’t be the same x 2

Never bout that way x 2
I won’t be the same x 2
He don’t give, he don’t give forever a chance

But the pall man, had it so blay
I waled down to the waters
With the tears share to the crowd

(Pre chorus) + (Chorus)

If I’ll quit cards from a single strap
Tined 2 bird with the tango
Stop the band with my platic bag
Security there, see you there
It’s a crime but know sometimes
You gotta vine
Cut it out for willow blow
After you’re gone,

(Pre chorus) + (Chorus)

I will find a way x 2
I don’t let this all fall away

(Pre chorus)
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