Bullet For My Valentine - Playing God Lyrics

What are we waiting for, this time we must be sure
No going back, no barricade, can't even hesitate
With nothing left to lose, there's no one here but fools
A rush of blood up here to change this world, to seal my fate

No one can stop us now
We're taking back control!
Oh! Cause we are to run and to war
Oh oh! ...can stop us now
We're taking back control

Now we're playing God
Playing God
Playing God
No one will stop us when we're playing God

(Verse 2)
Thrown out, cast aside, rejection won't subside
Don't turn the cheek, don't walk away, it's time to decimate
Let's make them hurt and pray! Their turn to run away
Tonight we fight, we make a stand and test our shadow praise (?!)



(Bridge x4)
What are u waitin' for?


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