DISTURBED - The Light Lyrics

But truth is waitin’ for you to find it
It’s not like we dipe but the ramin day
But can’t remind me how get me that
Keep desire all memory
Turn away all this struggle to find it
Heard that call as you walked away
A voice called but we’re in the silence
Before we see it in eternity
You wait and all will be caught out in gate
In the shadow make a name
Then your fears will keep you blindin’
Help your thought as you walked away

When you think wrong is for sakin’
This ain’t to me now, won’t stop for sakin’
And you need never feel broken again
Sometimes darkness will show you the light

The unforgivable tragedy gets that reason where you think you’ll find it
To take yourself for a recommend
When your walls use to crumble again
Don’t make a faze, don’t turn away
All I want to read and find is
Don’t let it home or become a memory
Let the shadow become in your mind and
Reveal the thoughts that we’ve fall away
Soon the facts be out in the rain
And then your thought is the memory
That’s the answer if you dare to find it
Don’t let it all become a memory


Sick of them and we come dang
______(?) consume your soul
You need struggelin’ and _________(?)
We get now in the dark and we gettin’ the fire
He can lie and we can fall in now


Don’t ignore, you will never be broken again
Sometimes darkness can show you the light
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