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BON JOVI - A Teardrop To The Sea Lyrics

So this is it! Here it is. A pot of gold, a Judas kiss
I got what I wanted, I paid every cost
I'd give it all back to get back what I've lost
Like a wave on the beach, last leaf on the tree, it's all just a memory

Luv pick me up, I'm down on my knees
My treasure just rags, wings that don't fly
I ain't prayin', I'm chokin', I'll fix what's been broken
Got nothin' to hide, no time for goodbye
Nobody grieves, a teardrop to the sea

(Verse 2)
They shake my hand, pat my back, they know my drink
Welcome back, the life of the party
Tears of a clown can't hear a heartbreak
The music's too loud


It's just broken glass
Chalk lines on the scene
Move along, move along
Ain't nothin' here to see

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