K.A.A.N - The Eagles Lyrics

(Slow Intro)
Eh, Nawledge!

(Normal Verse)
Came with a couple of questions
I am suggesting the obvious
Made you injest my vernacular
Master of all my abilities
Acrobatic, back and forth from like an atomist
To go and get it, get the gap, I got it
Uncle Batter been to battles, went through miles
Flow ridiculous and this is well renown
Landing on a pose, no one fuckin' with me, that's ok
Cuz I love my seclusion, they soon to succumb to the sound we created
I catered for no one but me and mines
Ain't no fuckin' handouts that was ever given
This is repetition at its finest, baby
I don't give a damn if anybody like it
Boy, I said it, I do this for me
Lets make it clear! I'm a demonstrative lyricist
Literally in the infancy stages
I stated my purpose before, but they forcing my hand with this ignorance
I'm in the sinning in the sense that i'm coming with purer intentions
I'm tempted to just take the scenery out
Gotta figure out how we gon' make it
That and time is not on my side

(A Faster One)
And the misdemadness is
I been so lost on the road I travel
Given everything I wanted, let my pain unravel
I'm a singer, a writer, I'm like a poet, I guess
Noneless in an era(?!) that was legendary
I took a plan and I mapped it out
In terms of energy I feel like I maxed it out
How many times can you fail till yo girl submit?
No one is convinced, I'm in, but I wanna get out
And my doubting just consumes
I been thinkin' what the hell I got to lose
A lil bit of my patna threw away food for thought
I'm getting rid of my ego as a way to progress
I wanna humble myself, but come leakin' thankful
Just appreciating the time that I was given
I wanna maximize and do attain a lot
Send all praise to the most silent, Lawd!

(Hook sample: Eagles - Hotel California)

(Verse 3)
Gimme a little bit of peace, I don't ask for much
There's no comparison to me, I'm just a bastard boy(?!)
The way I'm mixin' with the words, I make a massacre
Ya hear the pain in my rhymes, spectacular
But then you pass it up and then move on
My shit looked over like it's not a threat
It takes alot of time I wanna get you convinced
But when I hit you with this shit I miss opinion switch
I'd betta get the recognition that I really deserve
The silence's superb, the one that they rented the verb
And I patiently propose ocracy, but don't patronize me
And at least unleash my words of wisdom when the verses finish
Neva refer change with my tone and temperament
A gentle the wrath from the old testament
And I lost it all like King Solomon
But I be getting it back until a figure's at hand
A visionary that I am, but nobody believes me
I'm tryna keep it all together, but I might conceive
A mic check sound nice, 1 2 I done it
I been doubted from the beginning, I swear that with ease (?!)
Ill give a simple example, the way that music is handed
I make a mandatory budget, I'm walking my territory, I'mma tell it like it is
But from my perspective
I can't fabricate, I'mma put my truth on the plate
I could care less if it's accepted
You done seen my girl from inception
Such a profession, I pray that we come from the pro'lem for me is I just want my happiness
hope that they have this new problem but I can't imagine that I'm gonna do this shit fo'eva, Lawd

(Hook Sample)

I need some time for myself, I stay away from the rest of them
I just don't trust anybody, emotionally I'm invested
Selfish centered, part it, walk up on it, bend the path
I'm passing the negative point of view, I move in silence
And I's sooner sink than sanctify the vein or rectify the pain
I paint a picture, pay attention, I want you help to spread the message
Like the gospel, this apostle never push the faults in the form of my faith
I cannot take it so I fade away, but my fate was predetermined
Got the firm belief that what I leave is a legible legacy
Blessings that came from the Lord but I wasn't prepared to receive them

(Verse 4: insane speed)
Hit you with the cynical energy, I'mma send you a sign
And I'll put it inside of a rhyme for your mind to grow
I take all the pain that I ever had and no one could see
I kept bottled up, gotta progress, get menace, step back
Just let me, I don't make an excuse
I been in war, I got a hell of it
Lemme take you to a level that nobody has been
I'm in a different mind state, I feel it's handled with tact
I never relax, a lab boy admitted to gas, to give you some
The California war that never rains
Gonna take a whole lotta work and I'm motivated
To get it without fuss, and everything for my goals
All that I know is I got a whole lotta particle feeling
It's still not an option, I hope and I pray that one day we achieve
Cuz man I give my all till I'll have nothing left

(Hook Sample)

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