The Veronicas - Runaways Lyrics

Fooled you once, fooled you twice, the shame is on you
Blame me now, I can't help the things that I do
I get too close, so close to love, then disappear
My love can't hurt, hurt like a bitch, I'll admit it right here

I'm just a runaway, runaway, hot head
I'm just a runaway, runaway

Breaking hearts ain't always easy
You better run from the devil in me
I'll be gone before you leave me
Maybe I was born to be free

(Verse 2)
A runaway, I wanna stay but I only pass through
Don't blame yourself, you get too hot, I like playing it cool


(Chorus x2)

Please don't take it personal, something that I can't control
One by one I watch them fall, all fall down
Told you I'm a runaway, can't keep me inside a cage
Baby, I'll be gone before you know

(Chorus x2)
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