Lil Uzi Vert - Money Longer Lyrics

(Radio Rip Shade45)

(Hook x2)
It do not matter
Turn to a savage, pocket got fatter, she call me daddy
Smokin' that gas, gone off that Xanny, she on the powder
Nowadays I am on, my haters got sadder
Money got longer, speaker got louder, car got faster

Money so old, diamonds spoiled
My lil bitch so spoiled
I rub her down in oil
I got money now ya know it
Diamonds on my teeth
Ya shit look like foil
Chris Brown said these hoes ain't loyal
None of these hoes got no morals
All my niggas G'ed up
My glasses be D'ed up
Neva thought it would be days I could kick my feet up
Neva thought that she would need me that much if I leave her


(Verse 2)
All it is is faction, no time for actin', all this money lastin'
Like go out to eat, get that blackened salmon
When I'm with my girl we’re Pharrell and Vashtie
Damn it we are not lastin'
In that pussy ya know I like it rough, then I'm just blastin'
Tell that little bitch that I'm really from Mars, bitch do not start
Pull up my car automatic, dealt with a star

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