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Luther Vandross - She Won'T Talk To Me Lyrics

I was hanging with some friends of mine
We were all having a real good time, yeah
I saw a girl who was so very fine
I started waving my hands, my arms, my head

Got the nerve; found the words to say
But to my surprise she was passing
I mean it was strange `cause she just walked away
She won`t talk to me, she won`t talk to me

Now you`re nervous with the fever
Body beat and never quit
I`m in heaven when I see her
Won`t you talk some little things?
Hope she talk to me

I can`t hear (What cha gonna do?)
You can`t sit down like no one all by yourself
(I just wanna talk to you) And nobody else, yeah

I just wanna tell her
She`s the girl of my fantasies
How we meet in my dreams every night it seems
And how love can be, I wanna (love you)
I`m gonna be (your love)

It`s not everyday we see the one
That your heart`s been likely dreaming of
There`s that look in her eyes, so I don`t know why
She won`t talk to me, she won`t talk to me

She pretends she doesn`t see me
Leaves me standing in the rain
`Cuz I know she wants to meet me
She`s just playing silly games

I said girl (What cha gonna do?)
Wanna show you a love that you just gotta see
(I just wanna talk to you) But she won`t talk to me

And ooh, I`m telling everyone
I`m not dreaming anymore
`Cause I know she won`t talk to me now
And at least she can`t say no

And I`m going crazy
Trying to make her notice me
I go up, I get down, I turn all around
She won`t talk to me, she won`t talk to me

I said (Hey there baby)
I said (Hey there girl)
I said (Hey there baby)
She won`t talk to me
She won`t talk to me
(repeat to fade)
Writer(s): Luther Vandross, Hubert Barclay Iii Eaves
Copyright: Emi Blackwood Music Inc., Uncle Ronnie's Music Co., Huemar Music Inc, Emi April Music Inc.
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