ALANIS MORISSETTE - Right Through You Lyrics

Wait a minute, manYou mispronounced my nameYou dind't wait for all the informationBefore you turned me awayWait a minute sirYou kind of hurt my feelingsYou see me as a sweet back-loaded puppetAnd you've got a meal ticket taste(chorus)I see right through youI know right through youI feel right through youI walk right through youYou took me for a jokeYou took me for a childYou took a long hard look at my assAnd then played golf for a whileYou shake is like a fishYou pat me on the headYou took me out to wine dine 69 meBut didn't hear a damn word I said(repeat chorus)Hello mr. manYou didn't think I'd come backYou didn't think I'd show up with my armyAnd this ammunition on my backNow that I'm miss thingNow that I'm a zillionaireYou scan the credits for your nameAnd wonder why it's not there(repeat chorus)
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