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ALPHAVILLE - To Germany With Love Lyrics

I am an emigree, I write to germanyIn foreign words, a tongue of actualityHands in grey glovesTo germany with loveA war between the warsA war between the warsTriumph over bygone sorrowCan in unity be wonLet them all persue this purposeTill reality is goneI am an unexpected spyFrom the outside of my eyeTranslate it first then comprehendI'm here indeed but there I standI write to germany, I write to germanyTo germany with love, to germany with loveThis is the turn of coloursAll real, some still unseenThere is no more decision cause there's too much in betweenLet us build a nightmare nationLearn and work as never yetThat this cold new generation faith in it's own fears begetHere comes the modern rat, here comes the terror squadOurs is the salt of wisdom, here we come all dressed in blackFrom the ruins risen slowly to the future turned we standFlourish in this blessing gloryFlourish german fatherlandI write to germany, I write to germanyAll quiet in germany, all quiet in germanyGold/1983
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