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AMY GRANT - I Will Be Your Friend Lyrics

When every moment gets too hardEnd of the road can feel so farNo matter how much time we're apartI'm always near youI'll be the shelter in your rainHelp you find your smile againI'll make you laugh at a broken heartWherever you are'cause I'm never gonna walk awayIf the wall comes down somedayAll alone and you feel afraidBe there when you call my nameYou can always depend on meI believe until forever endsI will be your friendSo many people come and goBut nothing can change the you I knowYou'll never be just a face in the crowdAnd time will showThrough the seasons and yearsI will always hold you dearNever you fear(chorus)I'll be your rock when every candle burns down lowAnd I want you to know(chorus)(final chorus)
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