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AMY GRANT - Oh, How The Years Go By Lyrics

In our times of troubleWe only had ourselvesNobody elseNo one there to save usWe had to save ourselvesAnd when the storms came throughThey found me and youBack to back togetherAnd when the sun would shineIt was yours and mineYours and mine foreverChorus:And oh how the years go byAnd oh how the love brings tears to my eyesAll through the changes the soul never diesWe fight, we laugh, we cryAs the years go byThere were times we stumbledThey thought they had us downBut we came aroundHow we rolled and rambledWe got lost and we got foundNow we're back on solid groundWe took everythingAll our times would bringIn this world of dangers'cause when your heart is strongYou know you're not aloneIn this world of strangers(repeat chorus)And if we lose our wayAny night or dayWell we'll always beWhere we should beI'm there for youAnd I know you're there for me(repeat chorus twice)As the years go by
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