Carly Simon - OUR AFFAIR Lyrics


What a perfect night
Secrets lights up the sky
Like fireflies do
There´s nothing but a silky hope
That old opiate
Between me and you
Don´t look now
We´re just about there
We´re just one little breath away
From our affair
From our affair
Don´t move too fast
Don´t run scared
We´re just one surrender away
From our affair
Don´t you feel like
You´re coming down with something
Some great fancy flu
Don´t you feel like you´re
Coming down with me
And it doesn´t get sicker than you
Don´t you feel like this is the really good part
Where it´s still up in the air
The perfect romance is never
Stated or sated, deflated or fair
Don´t admit it yet
And don´t stop saying your prayers
We´re just one little heartbeat away
From our affair
From our affair

There´s a light in my window
And a little red ladybug in my hair
Just one turn down an empty street
Away,away, away
From our affair
From our affair
There´s a white-hot desire
Of which I am pleasantly aware
Just one more "wait a minute baby"
Away, away, away, away
From our affair
From our affair
From our affair
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