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COLDPLAY - Kingdom Come (hidden Track) Lyrics

Are you missing something?
Looking for something?
Tired of everything?
Searching and struggling..

Are you worried about it?
Do you wanna talk about it?

OHHoohhohh youre gonna get it right sometime.

Theres so much to be scared of,
and not much to make sense of.

Are you running in a circle,
you can't be too careful.

And you can't relate it,
Cause it's complicated..

Ohooohoooohhh Youre gonna get it right sometime.
Youre gonna get it right sometime.

It's how you see the worldddddddddddd.
How many times can you say.
you can't believe what you know.

It's how you see the worldddddddddddd.
Don't you worry yourself,
You're not gonna give up.


Is there something missing?
Is nobody listening?

Are you scared of what you don't know,
Don't wanna end up on your own.

You need conversation...
And information...

OHHOHOHHHHHHHH youre gonna get it right sometime.
You just wanna get it right sometime...

It's how you see the world.....
how many times have you heard,
that you can't believe a word.

It's how you see the world.
Oh don't you worry yourself,
cause nobody can know.


It's howwwwwwwwwwww you see the world.
it's howwww you see the world.
Writer(s): Jonathan Mark Buckland, Guy Rupert Berryman, Christopher Anthony John Martin, William Champion
Copyright: Universal Music Publishing Mgb Ltd.
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