Kathy Mar - Shoulda Lyrics

I should have been poor white trash,
But I had too much education.
I would have been a long-hair,
But it just refused to grow.
I could have been president,
But I had all the wrong relationships:
Loose lips, juicy gossips, people I don't know.

I should have been mother-of-the-year,
But I forgot which end to paddle.
I would have been a waitress,
But I didn't hold my tongue.
I could have been a desert guide,
But I got bitten by a rattlesnake.
Tough break, hope and heartache wasted on the young.

Bridge: Oh, rock me easy.
Roll me like a wave.
Rock my soul in the bosom of the sea;
There's nothing left to save.
Meet you on the other side of the grave.

I should have been Diamond Lil,
But I'm a second-hand attraction.
I would have learned my lessons,
But I never had the class.
I could have been poor white trash,
But I'm a renegade reactionary:
Wary, slightly scary with a heart of glass.

Words and Music: Kathy Mar

Copyright 1992 by Kathy Mar
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