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NAZARETH - Let Me Be Your Dog Lyrics

æÃÂââ¬Â¢et me be your dog?
If you tell me what to do
I could do it quite well
Give detailed desires, Iæàý be tryin?like hell
You could leave a little clue
I would follow it through
You got to say somethin?If thereæàï anything you want me to do

Let me be the slave you can faithfully flog
Let me be your dog

I got no way aæàþnowin?what show is in town
I could be your pacifier
I could be your favorite hound
Just gimme some proof, Iæàãl deliver in style
On a hot tin roof, Iæàãl be burnin?the tiles

Let me be the friend of a friend
Of a stepmotheræàï brother
Of the slave you can faithfully flog
Let me be your dog


Roll me right over, Iæàãl crawl and Iæàãl beg
Casanova rover, bitin?your leg
æââ¬Â¦ÃÂos what goes around, comes around
Simple as that
Youæàý be doin?yourself a favor
Cuttin?the crap

Let me be your cross-breed, off the lead
Chasin?my tail
I could make you feel better
Like a cheque in the mail
Like a poll-position for the closin?down sale
Like a hog in a synagogue
Let me be your dog

Call me Rover
Let me be your dog
Cæàæon baby, Iæàãl be good
Like I know I could
Let me be your dog
Hey baby, please baby
Let me be your dog

(Rankin--Polygram songs)
Published by Nazreth (Dunfermline) Ltd.
Copyright 1994 Polydor gmbh, Hamburg
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