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Poison - Life Loves A Tragedy Lyrics

Of all the words that I've spokenAnd lies that I've toldOf all the hearts left brokenBegged for, bought, and soldLord I'm feeling lonelyFeel like I can't go onThe streets have all grown cold nowThe mysteries all goneShe's all goneShe's all gone, gone, goneAll gone nowShe's all...Well I ain't getting any youngerCan't you see it in my eyesShe sweet has turned to sourI think it's time for me to flyWell my vices have turned to habitsAnd my habits have turned to stoneThe lies chipped away at my smile now babyWhile the truth ate me down to the boneOne more step and I swearI'll be over the edgeI've gotta stop living at a pace that killsBefore I wake up deadChorus:Good times, bad timesHow life loves a tragedyHeartbreaks, heartachesHow life loves a tragedyThe nights I spent in dangerWith strangers I thought were friendsOnly to wake in angerFor some pleasure they swore they'd sendI think it's time I move onLike a rolling stoneCause I got all the broken dreams I can buyIt's time to sell the ones I stoleChorusWell I paid the priceFor every thrill I gotThose thrills are all long gone babyBut I'm still paying for them like it or notSoloI think it's time I move on like a rolling stoneCause I got all the broken dreams I can buyIt's time to sell the ones I stoleChorus
Writer(s): Bruce Anthony Johannesson, Bobby Dall, Bret Michaels, Rikki Rocket
Copyright: Cyanide Publishing
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